Coni Stacher Hoerndli, PhD
I received my PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Utah and did my postdoctoral work at the University of Utah in the Neurobiology and Anatomy department. I now live in Fort Collins, Colorado and am committed to support the scientific community with my knowledge in science and my expertise in data visualization.
About my work: For data analysis and visualization I am working with R. To finalize figure layouts and for the design of scientific illustrations I am primarily using Adobe Illustrator.
Here is some more background about me: I grew up in Switzerland and got my Masters in Zoology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. I moved to the US together with my husband for my graduate studies and we lived in Utah for nine years. After falling in love with the Utah desert and the mountains, we are now enjoying life with our family on the Colorado side of the Rockies.